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What is "Parenting Time?"

Formerly "Child Custody"

Many parents think of "child custody" as the way to describe which parent children live with. However, "child custody" is not a term currently used in British Columbia. British Columbia family law now uses the term "parenting time" to describe how separated parents share care and responsibility for their children. 

"Child custody" was historically used to describe how the law dictated families split child care after separation. However, lawyers and child care professionals argued that it created an idea of winners and losers in "child custody battles." Today, the term "parenting time" is used to better describe how separated parents divide childcare responsibilities and time with their children.

Parents or other people involved in parenting disputes can benefit from family mediation. Mediation services can help parties reach workable agreements while avoiding court processes. The court/litigation process is time-consuming, costly, and often increases conflict. Therefore, family mediation is a better solution to arrange parenting time (formerly "child custody"). 

For individuals beginning parenting time (or "child custody") discussions, family mediation can be a proactive next step. Mediation is a neutral process, where the mediator is knowledgeable about the law, process, and dynamics of family disputes and mediation. At Grounded Mediation, we provide informed, compassionate mediation services grounded in legal and counselling expertise. We prioritize workable and beneficial agreements that assure the health, safety and interests of the children moving forward. Feel free to explore our Family Mediation page to learn more about this process. 

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