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Family Mediation

What is
Family Mediation?

Family Mediation helps people through the legal aspects of separation and divorce. When your relationship ends, and you have children or property, you and your ex-partner need to reach agreements regarding the following: 

  • How you will participate in taking care of your children

  • How your children will be financially supported

  • How you and your ex-spouse will be financially supported

  • How the property that you own will be divided


These are complex decisions. The role of family mediation is to help find workable solutions grounded in family law. 

When to use
Family Mediation?

Family mediation is for everyone. Even if you are on good terms with your former partner, for most people, separation and divorce are stressful. Stress can make it hard to avoid conflict. This is why some separation and divorce disputes end up in court. 


Family mediators can help you get through separation and divorce without resorting to a costly trial and high-conflict litigation. Mediators are neutral third parties knowledgeable about family law and dynamics. The mediator does not act for you, or your ex-partner. Instead, the mediator helps you and your former partner create workable solutions for the above agreements.

Why choose
Grounded Mediation?

Sarah Levine, principal of Grounded Mediation, has 20+ years of experience in family disputes and is a licensed counsellor. Her unique combination of expertise provides an ideal foundation to help people compassionately and effectively navigate family mediation. Sarah prioritizes avoiding costly legal proceedings while finding effective settlements. 

Sound like a good fit? Book a consultation. 

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