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Find a Skilled and Caring "Family Conflict Facilitator"

A term that some people use for mediator is "family conflict facilitator" or "family conflict mediator".  This terminology reflects the reality that litigation or legal disputes  can go beyond even the commonly-arising issues of separation, parenting time (see the article on Family mediation for information on why the term "child custody" has been replaced in the law by the term "parenting time"), property division, and support payments. 

Family conflicts include any matters that arise between family members, and include disputes over estates, family business ownership, or any other issues arising when family members have business or property dealings.  Many issues between family members can end up in court if family members aren't able to get timely and skilled facilitation to allow them to get to a timely and less costly agreement. Individuals who have a family conflict with the potential to end up in costly litigation can take an alternate approach through mediation. This process is an effective way to get an agreement that  allows parties in conflict to forgo a trial or other legal proceedings. Grounded mediation provides compassionate, effective solutions from an expert who has worked in the legal system for many years. Sarah Levine has worked on  complex cases and offers insight and experience. Reach out to us directly to learn more.

A family conflict facilitator is useful for many families with legal disputes that need a caring and compassionate professional to help them avoid having to have legal disputes resolved in court. This process can lead to a more cost-effective, less acrimonious outcome that takes less time and reduced legal costs; it can provide a more manageable solution to even the most challenging dispute between families. Sarah Levine is highly experienced in the field. She has a reputation for a creative, sensible and compassionate approach, even in difficult cases. To learn more about these services, please reach out with questions about the mediation process at Grounded Mediation.

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