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Estate Mediation

What is
Estate Mediation?

Estate mediation is a tool to resolve conflicts over estates, wills, trusts, and/or the care of elderly relatives. It is an alternative to litigation and can be used before a conflict occurs. Grounded Mediation specializes in finding creative, workable solutions to your estate mediation needs.

When to use
Estate Mediation?

We provide mediation services for estate disputes in all stages of the conflict, from matters not yet filed in court to the "eve of trial." This includes: 

  • Estate planning

  • Family business plans for succession

  • Planning for your children's future

  • Disputes regarding the care of an elderly family member (committeeship)

  • Property disputes related to family property

  • Disputes over the validity or interpretation of a will

  • Disputes over entitlement to a relative's estate

  • When a family member wishes to make a claim to have a will varied 

Why choose
Grounded Mediation?

Sarah Levine, principal of Grounded Mediation, has 20+ years of experience in estate law and family disputes and is a licensed counsellor. Her unique combination of expertise provides an ideal foundation to help families navigate estate mediation. Sarah prioritizes avoiding costly legal proceedings while finding effective settlements. 

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