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Separation Mediation

What is Separation Mediation?

Any couple who decides to separate can benefit from separation mediation. Separation mediation is a practical and cost-effective way to reach agreements over matters surrounding separation. These matters may include: 

  • How you will participate in taking care of your children

  • How your children will be financially supported

  • How you and your ex-spouse will be financially supported

  • How the property that you own will be divided


Currently, the laws regarding the separation of a spousal relationship are the same as if the couple were legally married. This means that separating couples can benefit from an experienced separation mediator to aid them in finding workable agreements for these matters. Experienced mediators should be able to navigate the complex, and often interconnected matters of separation. For example, it can often be difficult to agree on parenting time without agreements on child support. 


At Grounded Mediation, we pride ourselves on providing compassionate, nuanced guidance for all issues arising during separation mediation. We believe that mediation is an excellent tool to reach agreements while reducing conflict and avoiding court. If this feels like the right fit for you, please contact us for more information. 

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