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Professional Estate Mediation Near Me

Estate mediation provides an alternative to litigation to resolve conflicts arising out of estates, wills, trusts, and care of elderly relatives.  Estate mediation comes into play where a dispute arises over the validity of a will, the interpretation of a will, a dispute over entitlement to a relative's estate, and in British Columbia, whether a family member can make a claim to have a will varied.  Estate mediation can also be useful for disputes regarding care of an elderly family member (committeeship), or property disputes that relate to family property.  Families can use Grounded Mediation for assistance before a dispute has arisen:  families who want to plan their estate or their family business plans for succession or for their children engage Grounded Mediation's services for facilitating creative and workable solutions to estate planning before disputes arise.

Sarah Levine's background in estate litigation and planning and her facilitation skills as a counsellor are an ideal combination for helping families work through estate mediation.  Sarah Levine's experience in  estate law and work in family disputes provide a basis to settle estate mediation, avoiding costly legal proceedings. To begin working with Grounded Mediation, reach out to us directly, or visit the website for additional details about the services we currently offer.

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