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Effective Family Mediation Near Me

Parents or others involved in parenting (formerly called "child custody") disputes can benefit from the family mediation process.  Sarah Levine offers family mediation throughout British Columbia, where possible and practical in person, or alternatively as teleconference mediation or "virtual mediation".


While many parents think of "child custody" as the way to describe which of two parents the children live with, "child custody" is not a term that is currently used in British Columbia to describe how two separated parents allocate their time with their children and care for their children.  Family law in British Columbia now uses the term "parenting time" to describe how parents who are separated share care and responsibility for their children.  "Child custody" is an older term that used to describe how the law dictated that families would split child care after separation and divorce.  However, lawyers and child care professionals argued that it created a concept of "winners" and "losers" in "child custody" battles.  The term "parenting time" is a better way to describe the different ways that parents who have separated can divide child care responsibilities and time with their children.

Engaging mediation services such as Grounded Mediation can  help parties to reach an agreement that benefits both parties and allows both parties to avoid having to resort to the court processes including trials to have their problems resolved.  The court/litigation process is very time-consuming, costly, and often intensifies the amount of conflict.  Family mediation can be a much better way to come to an arrangement for parenting time and (formerly "child custody") issues.  Sarah Levine brings extensive experience with family conflict and is able to use that depth of experience to help families in separation/parenting mediation even where it feels like the case is at an impasse and court is unavoidable. Please feel free to call to schedule a consultation to get some of your questions answered.

For individuals searching for effective family mediation near me,  Grounded Mediation can provide  with the services to reach a more workable and beneficial outcome for both parties and that best assures the health, safety and interests of the children going forward. Mediation is a neutral  process, where the mediator is knowledgeable about the law, process, and dynamics of family disputes and mediation.  Mediation is there to provide assistance and information to both parties, to set out the options for settlement without having to go to court. This process is ideal for custody and family disputes, and deals with all of the other issues, such as financial and property issues, that need to be resolved in order to reach a workable agreement.  

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