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Forest Road

Mediation grounded in best practices.

We blend legal, mediation and counselling expertise to effectively mediate conflicts in families.​

We bring a respectful, structured approach to mediation.​

We have a track record of helping clients find creative solutions to settle their legal conflicts.

Our Services

Estate Mediation

We provide mediation services for estate disputes in all conflict stages. We bring extensive experience in handling estate disputes as counsel and in mediation. We also bring extensive training in counselling and facilitating family conflicts.

Family Mediation

We bring a warm but structured approach to mediating family disputes. Our combination of experience in legal matters and clinical counselling makes us successful in settling complex disputes.


Sarah Levine, Principal

Grounded Mediation is operated by Sarah Levine, Principal. Sarah has 20+ years of legal expertise and is a licensed counsellor and mediator. She has a record of helping parties find creative, workable solutions to difficult conflicts. 

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We have training and experience in cross-cultural approaches to conflict resolution.


We welcome the opportunity to work with families and individuals of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds and of all genders, sexual orientations, and family structures.

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