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Virtual Mediation

What is Virtual Mediation?

Grounded Mediation is pleased to offer both in-person and virtual mediation. For some people going through separation or divorce, virtual mediation is preferable to meeting in person. Virtual mediation has several benefits, including:


  1. Mediators can provide services to clients located in different regions

  2. Reduced stress for the separating parties, due to not needing to spend several hours in the presence of their former partner

  3. Reduced travel costs for the separating parties, lawyer(s), and mediator


Grounded Mediation uses various platforms in our virtual mediation. These include teleconferencing platforms with private breakout rooms and secure document-sharing platforms. We have extensive experience conducting effective virtual mediations. If you have more questions about virtual mediation, or think this is the right option for you, contact Grounded Mediation for more information.

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