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Convenient and Professional Teleconference Mediation

Teleconference mediation (also referred to virtual mediation, "zoom mediation", "online mediation") was used sporadically before the CoVID-19 pandemic but it has become very common.  For some people who are going through separation or divorce, with disputes about parenting time (formerly called "child custody"), spousal support and property division, teleconference mediation can be preferable to mediation in person.  Sarah Levine, principal at Grounded Mediation, believes that many clients will continue to choose some form of virtual mediation or teleconference mediation even after the CoVID-19 pandemic ends and it is no longer necessary for health reasons.

Teleconference mediation, or virtual mediation has several specific benefits.  The first is that it allows mediators to provide services to clients who are located away from city centres and away from the mediator who they believe would be best for their separation mediation.  The second benefit of teleconference mediation or virtual mediation is that it reduces travel costs for the mediator, for the lawyers attending the mediation, and for the parties separating.  The third benefit of teleconference mediation or virtual mediation is that it is often much less stressful for the people separating to not have to spend several hours in the presence of their former spouse.  If there has been violence, intimidation, or even a high degree of conflict, it can be much less stressful to conduct a virtual mediation or a teleconference mediation.  Grounded mediation has access to the technology platforms most commonly used for virtual mediations.  These include many of the features on virtual platforms, including secure  "breakout rooms", extensive use of document sharing platforms, etc.  We are comfortable using all of the commonly-used platforms for virtual mediations and we ensure that they run smoothly.  Please contact Grounded Mediation for more information about teleconference mediations.

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