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We provide mediation services for estate disputes in all stages of the conflict, from matters not yet filed in court to the "eve of trial".  We bring extensive experience in handling estate disputes, both as counsel and in mediation. We also bring extensive training in counselling and facilitating family conflicts.  Our respectful yet focused approach enables us to help clients reach mediated agreements even in contentious disputes.



Separation, spousal and child support, division of property, and child custody can be complex and difficult to resolve.  We bring a warm but structured approach to mediation of family disputes.  Our unique combination of experience and expertise both in legal matters and as a clinical counsellor has made us very successful in settling disputes that have been both entrenched and complicated.  

Every family has a unique configuration and dynamics.  We have been privileged to have had training and experience working with families from diverse cultural backgrounds, and with broad diversity in genders and sexual orientations. We are trained and are attentive to power dynamics, including issues of past physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  

We have training and experience in cross-cultural approaches to conflict resolution.  We welcome the opportunity to work with families and individuals of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, and of all genders and sexual orientations.

Estate Mediation
Family Mediation
Committeeships & Care decisions
Intergenerational conflict
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